How to Download Full Games and Keygens

The installation method for Full Games or Keygens varies and specific instructions will be contained in the game post. However a typical download instructions will say something like the following.

Instructions 1:

1) Click on the Download button to download the game or keygen installer
2) When the download is complete, open the downloaded file by double-clicking.
3) Install the game or keygen download manager
4) Your game or keygen will start downloading and installing
5) Play the game / Generate your key

Instructions 2:

1) Click on the Download button to download the Game or Keygen
2) You will see offer list from our sponsors
3) Complete one quick offer
4) Your keygen or game will start downloading
5) Enjoy

Full Instructions:

You find your favorite game,software or keygen on our website getproductcode ..
Click on the Download button to download the installer
Install the download manager

From here with our download manager you install the game as normal, just as if you had bought the game on a disk.. This is just a typical installation routine, you need to pay close attention to the Download instructions in the game or keygen post..